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Bauhinia Concepts Ltd is a private holdings company that has its branches spread across a variety of industries, including freelance, fashion, health & beauty, technology, mens care, swimwear, education, entertainment and counting.


Deriving from the Hong Kong local orchid flower ‘Bauhinia Blakeana’ (洋紫荊), the centrefold icon of the Hong Kong flag, Bauhinia Concepts Ltd looks to innovate, improve and impact the modern world. Taking inspiration from their home flag, founders Nathan J. Webb and Thomas W. Norman set out to fulfil their vast ambitions in the ever-changing world of business.


Officially founded in October of 2018, our core values are to improve opportunities for society, with current endeavours in crowdsourcing platforms and e-commerce. At the helm, Nathan J. Webb & Thomas W. Norman with Bauhinia Concepts acting as the vessel in which provides the ability for us to pursue our passions in business in an effort to make an impact that will affect the world positively for time to come.

Nathan J. Webb
Co-Founder / Director
Thomas W. Norman
Co-Founder / Director

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Thomas has always had a tendency to stray away from the conventional path with a deeper interest in real world experience rather than schooling, his return from boarding school in the UK marked the start of what would later be officially recognised as Bauhinia Concepts Ltd.

I won’t bore you any further, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile for further details: https://bit.ly/2AFnIdG